Saturday, January 31, 2009

Insurance Authorship Promotion Programme (15 April to 15 June 2009)

ALMA MATER LIBRARY hereby offers extensive use of the library resources during 15 April to 15 June 2009 under the captioned programme.

OBJECTIVES: This Facilitative Programme is expected to enable participants:

1. To write/create/contribute for an insurance industry through an article, Project Report, Case studies, research paper, Synopsis, Ph.D. Thesis and so on.
2. To refer as many documents available with the library.
3. To experience academic environment for authorship/ research work.
4. To use library infrastructure facilities available at the Academy Library.
5. To create qualitative documents to be used by the future generation.

Participants’ Profile: Who wish to write/contribute for the Industry.
Seats – Only 20 on first come first serve basis.

Duration: Suitable days during 15 April - 15 June 2009.
Registration: Upto 31 March 2009
Coordinator: S. B. JOG Sr. Administrative Officer and Mrs. B.J.SANE, Chief Librarian
Participants are requested to bring Identity Card/Driving License/copy of residence proof.

Facilities Available -
1.Residential Accommodation: Rs. 300/- per day on sharing basis at ‘Sarvapalli’ Hostel. [Check –Out time is calculated on the basis of 24 hours from the arrival time. The stay extended for more than 6 hrs. after that will liable to pay charges for next day] Laundry services are available on payment. Incidental expenses like cost of telephone calls, etc. will have to be borne by the participants on actual basis.
2. Boarding: Boarding facilities Rs. 200/ day includes Morning Tea/coffee, Breakfast, evening tea/ coffee, Lunch, light refreshments in the evening and Dinner at Sarvapalli Dinning Hall.
3. Library Facilities: Participants may avail reference facility during the library hours i.e. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Mondays to Saturdays except NIA holidays. Other facilities like photocopying and printing will be subject to copyright and will be charged separately as per the library practice.

Please get ‘Nomination Form’ for ‘IAPP 2009’ programme kindly send email.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Risk Reports Published

Following two Risk reports are now available:

India@ Risk 2008

World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Network launched the India @ Risk 2008 report, in the lead-up to the India Economic Summit in New Delhi, India, 16-18 November 2008. The report, prepared in conjunction with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), presents the latest insights into trends, potential consequences and mitigation strategies relevant to key risk areas facing India:

• Economic Security: how the global financial crisis is likely to affect India and how the country will manage the current financial turmoil
• Energy Security: considering means by which India can improve its energy supply network and become a low carbon economy
• Agriculture and Food Security: improving agricultural productivity, addressing the problem of malnutrition and managing water resources
• National Security: how India can establish itself as a force for stability in the region and contain and address internal sources of instability

In preparing this report, experts and policy-makers from business, academia and non-governmental organizations were interviewed about what they consider to be the keys to India’s future growth, which risks might pose threats to progress, and how those risks might be mitigated.

Global Risks 2009

On 13th January 2009, World Economic Forum also published Global Risks 2009 , which identifies deteriorating fiscal positions, a hard landing in China, a collapse in asset prices, gaps in global governance and issues relating to natural resources and climate as the pivotal risks facing the world this year.

Published in cooperation with Citigroup, MMC (Marsh & McLennan Companies), Swiss Re, the Wharton School Risk Center and Zurich Financial Services, the report is based on a qualitative assessment of global risks, workshops and input from business leaders and experts consulted throughout 2008. This is the latest in a series of annual publications of the World Economic Forum and its partners in the financial services industry. Last year’s report accurately warned of an imminent systemic crisis in the financial sector as well as volatility in the energy market and food shortages.

Both the reports are available to users for download.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Effects of research findings on Insurance

The insurance is vast subject considering various aspects it deals with our day-to-day life. Any new research findings may have direct or indirect impact on insurance if not immediate effect but in future. Few are listed below:

1. New device for jamming cell phones while driving:
Many people have habit of speaking on phone while driving which may lead to dangerous situation and calls for attention of motor insurers as well as life insurers. To avoid such situation, University of Utah researchers have created a car ignition key that prevents teenagers from talking on cell phones or sending text messages while driving

2. The oral hygiene affects heart disease:
One study suggested people with poor oral hygiene are more likely to suffer heart disease, which of course increases your probability of an early death… which impacts directly on life insurance!!

3. Mental Health Deteriorates During Recession:
New research in the United States and Europe has found that economic conditions directly affect the quality of mental health.

4. Insurance Market fails Women:
Research done by National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), Washington DC shows that insurance companies can refuse to sell women coverage due to any health history, and often charge women drastically higher premiums than men. In addition, the coverage is frequently both exorbitant in cost and limited in scope – often failing to cover women’s specific needs – such as maternity care.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Education through open access: Open Educational Resources

The open access movement also plays an important role in education field now days, which will be benefited for society as everyone gets equal opportunity for free authoritative standard education. Internet has made great impact the way, people access and share information. This has resulted in increase in Open Educational Resources (OER). In this area ccLearn, which is a division of Creative Commons is dedicated to realizing the full potential of the Internet to support open learning and open educational resources. They have multiple projects, resources, publications etc. available on their websites useful for the organizations and people working in the area.

The latest publication mentioned on their website is titled as The Way Forward: Deliberations of an International Community of Interest by D’Antoni, Susan. UNESCO Feb 2008.

This document is a testament to the power of group deliberation in a vibrant virtual community. It presents the way forward for OER based upon the informed opinion of an international community, and sets out priorities for future action. It will be of interest to many readers from decision and policy makers at the national level to teachers and academics at the local level.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Best wishes for New Year

Dear Users,

We wish you a very happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year to all.

The AML Holidays List for 2009 is now available for your ready reference, as library will be closed on these days and on Sundays.

Also the latest newsletter issue for January 2009 is now published which is devoted to the ‘victims’ of said acts of terrorism, which caused deaths and injuries to hundreds of innocent people and damage to valuable assets. In view of relevance to the Insurance business, News Coverage in detail is focused in the contents. With reference to terrorism risk, comments on various types of insurance covers and insurance company strategies during next few years will be helpful to our readers.

Your comments are most welcome.

Alma Mater Library